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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 9AM  ABC  June 23, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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wednesday morning, thank you so much for joining us. i'm megan pringle. >> i'm jamie costello. >> the stars are back from their road trip, all back from a good cause. i think they had a great adventure. we'll talk about crab houses. baltimore magazine is out with the latest edition wednesday go crabbing. we'll find the best crab houses here in baltimore. >> you have a favorite? >> suzanne has 23 of them listed up here, of course i do. they're in here. >> what a fun thing to write about. suzanne's too young, but i remember killer's crab house on the corner of chapel hill and golden rim road, they had a
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baseball diamond behind it. used to walk up the steps, like a porch, you just eat outside. >> that's great. all right, so that's, okay, would you, if you could own any franchise, what would it be? >> the orioles. >> well maybe. we're here to talk about that today. there's a lot of myths out there about franchises, too much work? too expensive? what is it all about? we'll look at those next. >> wegmans is here, we'll talk about grilling, new tools, allen jackson is here from wegmans. let's get to today's hot topic, here we go. a big foot fight. the group nicknamed the food police have announced they're going after mcdonalds. yunji de nies tells us they're threatening to sue the fast food giant for putting toys in with the burgers and fries. >> reporter: a harmless little toy are a main attraction luring children into a pattern of unhealthy eating. >> it's not just the meal, it's
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the technique you're using to get kids to buy a meal. >> reporter: i order a happy meal that comes with a chocolate milk, cheeseburger and french fries and my shrek watch. this meal taken together has more than 3/4 of the daily salt intake as a child should have in a day. >> we go for a happy meal for a child, we go for the price. that's what makes a happy meal a happy meal. >> children actually think food, branded with cartoon characters taste better than the same foods without. even a mcdonalds logo the bag can draw kids to one lunch over another. mcdonalds says happy meals are right-sized for kids, getting a toy is just one part of a fun-family experience. tell that to the judge. yunji de nies, abc news arlington, virginia.
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>> we want your two sense on today's hot topic. the lawsuit possibly against mcdonalds about their happy meals. go on our facebook fan page. we asked you, who should judge what kids eat? a judge or parents? does anyone think happy meal toys lure children into mcdonalds? no way, it only makes them want a happy meal when they go. >> as a parent, if i decide to let my child have a happy meal once or twice a year, that's my business, not anyone else's. nobody will tell me how to raise my child. >> head to wmar facebook fan page. leave your comments and we'll share comments throughout this morning's show. here we go. by the numbers, it's 9:03 in the morning. our heat wave, we're in the middle of it all week long. we've clocked four days in a row
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above 90 degrees. we beat what happened all of last summer. this spring period, which began on march 20th and ending on the 21st of june, just 1/10 of a degree from being the hottest of all time in baltimore. coming off the snowiest winter of all time. there's extremes for you. by the way, the near record heat, we expect to get close to or tie a record this afternoon, increased humidity will make it feel that much more oppressive. yesterday's storms that hit the area, not everybody got it. those that got it, got hit hard. we had a nasty complex passing through pennsylvania with wind damage. east of new york. there were tornado reports and wind damage as well. this green dot right here, that's near bel air, golf-ball-sized hail april few miles outside of bel air. 60 miles per hour wind gusts in anne arundel county. yesterday's high temperature, 96 in baltimore. not quite a record, but
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definitely fueling those storms. already up to 85 degrees at 9:00 in the morning. yuck. that is our normal high temperature for the day. so going well past that, in fact we'll probably be in the 90s, before the lunch hour. heading for the record set in 1894. a 116-year-old record. we may get back there this afternoon. 5:41, sun up. down at 8:37. we have a lot of sun. high clouds beginning to mix in. we're starting to get the influence of the high clouds being thrown ahead of this huge complex of storms passing into the great lakes. this is going fob the severe threat for today. with tornados and damaging wind and large hail, high clouds shooting off the storms already spreading their way into new england. spreading into pennsylvania. beginning to infiltrate our sky. we may get to thin out some of the sun and maybe add the chance of an isolated strong to severe
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thunderstorm this afternoon. for today, go for the record of 97 degrees. the isolated afternoon storm. with the humidity, it'll feel like over 100. any showers may get more muggy and buggy overnight. patchy fog, 73. through tomorrow, expecting temperatures higher, 99. tomorrow's record 98. i think we'll break that. it is 9:06, back to you. a local consulting firm has become a casualty of the nasty oil spill in the gulf of mexico. up ahead this morning: are you trying to get back to work and even thinking about starting your own business? we'll find out if starting your own is a good idea right now. >> what's your favorite place to get crabs? we find out who the top 23 are in this month's edition of baltimore magazine. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable?
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superior picture quality and more hd; plus internet rated #1 in satisfaction, speed and reliability. why keep paying for cable? get fios tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month plus the fios tv movie package, free for 12 months with no term contract. call 1.877.797.fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. it's time for fios. let's get back to our two cents on today's hot topic. the possible lawsuit against mcdonalds saying their happy meals give kids a bad message about eating. on our facebook fan page, we ask you who should judge what kids eat? a judge or the parents? >> patricia writes: that's america. if you don't like something or
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something offends you, sue. >> tim writes: let corporate do what they want to do to make parents raise kids right. >> head to our facebook fan page and leave a comment. we'll share more comments through 9:00. now to the latest in the gulf coast, it's day 65 of the oil spill crisis. now the white house has a legal fight on its hands. the obama administration says no more deep water offshore drilling for six months, but a federal judge blocked the moratorium. the government is appealing the ruling saying a second deep water blow out could overwhelm response efforts to the current disaster. well sometimes a name grabs headlines, bp is taking calls from those who are responsible for the oil spill. abc2 news sheryl connor spoke to the president of the company who
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is keeping a sense of humor about all the attention. >> the complaints started about a month ago. >> you are obviously liars and you need to be held accountable to the fullest extent by the u.s. government. >> this angry caller from florida left a message after 9:00 on a friday night, obviously thinking he reached the oil giant bp global, not bp environmental in st. michaels, the president of the company took time to call him back and clarify. >> we have nothing to do with bp oil. clunk. >> the anger and confusion never happened until the oil spill. why does this small company carry the same initials? . the two owners started a cost-effective environmental consulting firm with a combination of their last names. boyd and parson. parson since bought out boyd,
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but the name sticks. the administrative assistant answers five to ten calls a day all connected to the oil cleanup. >> most are just funny. they ramble on for ten minutes before they give me a chance to tell them, sorry you have the wrong place. >> people here in this small town of st. michaels seem to know the difference between bp global and bp environmental. parson keeps it all in perspective, knowing the attention may not be a bad thing, as long as people understand the difference. >> you have to have a sense of humor to stay afloat. >> reporter: in st. michaels, sheryl connor, abc2 news. the environmental firm didn't provide emergency response, for now there are no plans to help the other bp out. if you'd like to learn more
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about the mistaken identity of bp environmental on the eastern shore or for continuing coverage on the crisis in the gulf, log onto baltimore mask leaves no shell uncracked to find the 23 best crab houses. suzanne writes: bring on the crabs. we were talking, you grew up in towson, used to go out back and get crabs. now we have a crab house. we're trying to figure out what was the first crab house in baltimore. brickies has been around forever. >> gunnings', there are so many that have been passed down through the generations and are still around. >> all right you went to every one of them. 23 crab houses. >> i went to a lot of them. >> say you went to every one. >> i went to a lot of them. >> did you have a dozen each? >> i ate way too many crabs.
9:14 am
we judged it on seasoning, ambience. >> do all 23 have olvey? . i'll shout a couple out. you yell. canton dock side. >> water view, sit outside at the picnic tables. great atmosphere, great crabs. >> cjs. >> just an old time place, great place to hang out. people live on that side of town. very convenient. >> costasin. >> it's family-owned. been passed on. the brothers are taking it over along with an uncle and their parents. the dad is costa with a long last name. >> it's just a wonderful tradition to know that uh, the
9:15 am
next generation is coming along and keeping them going. >> gunnings, i used to go to one in brooklyn, is this in hanover. >> it's a little more up-scale that we remember from those days. great crabs, still. >> mike's bar and crab house. >> mike's is in anne arundel county. has loyal patrons that won't go anyplace else. >> do you find the baltimoreans try to keep their crab houses quiet, secret? they don't want the message to get out. >> mr. bill's for a long time was off the radar. now people line up for a long time to get in the doors. it's like eating at someone's rec room. >> howl about o'brickies. >> it's a long -- it's interesting, you see a lot of out of towners there. that's their go to place.
9:16 am
i love it, they offer bibs, which you'd be horrified to wear if you were a native baltimorean. a lot of the visitors are wearing them. ocean pride. how many times have you been to ocean pride? >> been there a lot. get a price tag on the crabs and then they're higher or lower. you know that? >> let me see here, shultz, i love shultz'. >> great old time place. just captures that baltimore experience. >> sioux island dock bar. >> right on the water, sioux creek, middle river. great place to go out and sit and just hear the water lapping and cracking your crabs. >> this is great. what else did we miss here. seafood restaurant in glen burnie, crab house and lounge? >> glen burnie, you know, i actually haven't been there. i really liked it a lot. >> you don't cross the bay bridge. >> again, we cross the bayçó
9:17 am
bridge, whole another group of excellent crab houses. >> i love it. it's on right now, baltimore crabs, suzanne does it again. you have the pulse don't you? what are you going to do next month? >> steakhouses for october. >> we'll see you next month. suzanne, all right. get baltimore magazine, it's all about crabs. >> we have an intern for suzanne. they were in our studio nearly two months ago before taking a two-week trip to volunteer as cystic fibrosis centers along the country. no longer high school students learned a lesson along the way. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable?
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jamie and mine's favorite story of the day. three seniors came into our studio a few months ago with a great story of friendship that involved fund-raising and a great road trip. back off the road, you guys, thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having us. >> for those who aren't familiar with the road trip, what was it about? >> we traveled around the midwest, visiting cystic fibrosis offices and volunteering the offices as well
9:21 am
as doing sight-seeing and tourist attractions. >> this was all for your friend? >> yes, matthew was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis as a young age. we always try to help as much as we can. >> you guys get in the car, how was it? >> awesome. they saidthere were speeding tickets and parking tickets, but what else? >> we enjoyed it. we had a couple long drives, a lot of times stuck in traffic, but we enjoyed it. the car was kind of comfy. it wasn't the end of the world. >> and a talking gps. >> we'll look at temperatures while we talk about the adventure. what was the response when you're volunteering. >> made me feel like people
9:22 am
cared about cf and myself. >> what did you guys think? >> we enjoyed doing this. you know, makes, we had really good responses for uh, you know, volunteering, we actually walked into the first office in cleveland not knowing what to expect. there were probably 50 posters on the wall saying welcome matt, jordan, jake. >> what did they have you do? what kind of volunteer work? >> the great strides, the charity walk, so we did a lot of work with those, we would, you know, move water bottles or fill out, you know, pledge cards and everything. >> was this a hard sell to your parents? or even to yourselves? you guys are on your way to college, this is sort of your summer of freedom and you did something completely selfless, how, how hard was this to decide "we're going to do it" and then tell your parents you're going to do it. >> for me wasn't difficult at all. we had to do a senior project and you know jake and matt had been thinking about a road trip.
9:23 am
it was one of those ideas that formed overtime and it sounded like a great idea. >> i said to my parents "i want to go on this road trip." they're like yeah... and i said it was for cystic fibrosis and that was all i needed to say. >> what would you say after this experience? >> it's a life-threatening disease. you have to take medicine each day and exercise daily. >> you had a goal of $5,000 and doubled it. >> we still have our same website up with a link to donate on the great strides website. >> all right, there is all the information that you need. i would imagine that your parents and anybody who knows you is proud of you guys.
9:24 am
you must be overwhelmed and touched. >> oh yeah. >> tell everybody your plans now that you've graduated high school. >> i'll head to seattle for a camp job and in the fall, headed to northeastern university in boston. >> i'm going to enjoy the summer, take a few vacations and then head out to blacksburg for virginia tech. >> i'll be attending george washington university this fall. >> what are you doing this summer? >> going to europe for two weeks. >> not bad. if you missed all that information, great guys, great cause. we put all the information on our website. show them the t-shirts real quickly. >> we have t-shirts here. cf tour for the cure. with our sponsors on the back. we'd like you to have a t-shirt. >> i'll wear it with pride, thank you. >> i'll wear it, i'll keep it clean. >> i don't know about that. >> thanks for everything you do. >> great job, great, great job. for those trying to get back to work, any option is worth
9:25 am
considering. you know that. coming up next: if you ever thought about starting your own business or even franchise, we have tips to determine if that's an idea you should do. it's win or go home. today we'll find out what team usa is really made of at the world cup. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens virginia,
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where baltimore goes to get away. maybe it's because baltimore loves the legendary coasters. or that your entire family will have fun, even the little ones. it could be that water country usa has more of the waves, slides and rides everyone wants. so plan your getaway and come play. you never know who you'll run into. get started at
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looking for a job? has it been a struggle in this tough job market? we've asked you to submit your resumes and we pick the best ones to be featured here every wednesday. let's look at this week's job hunters. >> good morning, my name is nicole judd. i have 12 years experience working with children of all grade levels. if you're searching for a flexible and creative team player who is resourceful, tech savvy and solution-focused, then i'm the professional you're looking for. i'm an expert role model for students who will help deal with real issues related to bullying, cyber bullying, parental involvement, school attendance, academic achievement and motivation.
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you can reach me at any capitol nick yoel nicol.judd >> send us your resumes as well. e-mail them to log on to see what resumes are out there. click on the back to work link at action 2 9:29 right now. when it comes to owning your own
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franchise, your own business, what comes to mind when you hear that? too expensive? too much work. hang on, we're separating the fact from the fiction. that's where success coach gayle becker comes in. thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> what are the benefits to owning your own business or more specifically your own franchise? >> well, you know, right now people are getting jobs, the job market is opening up, but for a lot of people, this is a great time for them to sit back and assess if perhaps business ownership is right for them. >> how do you make that decision? i think a lot of people love the idea. >> we were doing a commercial saying "i'd own my own chick-fil-a" how do you decide that's the right choice for you? >> that's a great question. first you have to assess what are you strengths and weaknesses and what's your experience and more importantly, when i work with clients, i do a personality profile assessment, number one, to make sure their personality is in line with the business,
9:31 am
but also, what do they want their life to look like? and you know, what do they want more of, or less of and then we start looking at businesses that fit those goals. >> wow, okay. you said there were a lot of myths when this comes up. let's go through it. i can ask you true or false. true or false, owning your own franchise costs a lot of money. >> there are some franchises that require a larger investment, but there are many, many options out there that are low overhead, low cost and a great return on your investment. >> any come to mind? >> there are a lot of senior care services right now that can be started home-based and/or a small office space. you don't need a big fancy store front or big retail space and elder care is exploding right now. as you can imagine. >> i bet. and i think another myth, you can tell us, true or false, all you have to do is sign on the dotted line. >> oh yeah, sign on the dotted
9:32 am
line and you'll be an incident success. that's a false. you know, it does take a lot of hard work. one of the benefits with the franchise, you don't have to develop the system and the logo and the marketing and all of that. it is more or less a business in a box. and uh, so that does um, give you a greater opportunity for success. >> what about um, the franchise making a lot of money. >> well, obviously you want to, you know, this is a hobby. the goal is to create in common wealth, um, but it does take time. just like when you started a new career, it's time to build the corporate ladder. when you start a franchise or business of any kind, it takes time to grow that. >> i imagine a lot of it too is finding the right fit for you. there's no point in doing something you're not passionate about. how do you go about finding this is the right fit for me. . >> part is the assessment.
9:33 am
the really important thing is doing what we call the validation process, where you work with a franchiseur that takes you through everything. life in the day of the franchise owner, what the marketing system looks like, what the training system looks like and really what's important is to invest the time to speak to many other franchise owners, to compare what their background was, compared to yours and as well as what their, their experiences in their demographic market and that's really something that you have to um, really pay close attention to. because where you're opening, your office or your locations could be sort of different than theirs. take all those factors into consideration. gaylebecker@theentrepreneur source. always great to see you.
9:34 am
>> thanks. have you changed your mind about the franchise you want to own? >> no, i'm still going to own the orioles. all right, he captured our hearts, minds and thoughts as he died from pancreatic cancer. coming up: while randy push posh -- we have gadgets worth checking out. al jackson from wegmans will join us next. >> it's hazy, sticky, 85 degrees top of the hour. we are looking at uh, really the hottest of the stretch today and tomorrow, even with a northwesterly flow. we'll have ourselves temperatures soaring to record territory today and tomorrow. more on that and more of good morning maryland when we come back.
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ok. what if i just had a small slice?
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i was good today, i deserve it! or, i could have a medium slice and some celery sticks and they would cancel each other out, right? or...ok. i could have one large slice and jog in place as i eat it or...ok. how about one large slice while jogging in place followed by eight celery... mmm raspberry cheesecake... i have been thinking about this all day. wow, and you've lost weight! oh yeah, you're welcome. thank you! [ female announcer ] yoplait light. with 30 delicious flavors all around 100 calories each. yoplait. it is so good. today at the world cup, the mission for team usa, it's quite simple. win or go home. the team hopes to advance to round two. a win they move on, a loss they head home april tie, well here's abc2 news lindsey davis. >> reporter: the buzz you hear isn't just from the
9:38 am
controversial vuvuzela. a win against algeria means team usa will advance to round two of the world cup for the first time in eight year. if they lose, they're out. >> this is game seven for us. everybody understands what it takes in this game. it's all or nothing. i think you know, as a player, you want to play in big games. >> soccer is the most popular sport everywhere, but here, but the u.s. team's efforts to bring the trophy from the world's biggest tournament back to america is getting people's attention. in south africa, the u.s. team is being cheered on by the largest u.s. fan contingent than
9:39 am
any country outside the host nation. >> what goes on in that game, how we play, that's what people will look at. >> reporter: the boys of winter in south africa may never rival the boys of summer in the nba or nfl for fame, but the sport the world calls foot ball may finally get a foothold in our country. will you or will you not watch today? >> i have to go out and do something at fox hollow today. but i'm sure i'll catch it. high tops will be hosting a party at 5:00 and de la rosas will be hosting it too. time now for our featured events. how about this? head to mandamen for the story
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hour. free song and story hours in greater baltimore area. it's to compensate university. they worked with mondamen mall. . friday night your chance to meet the best players in town. >> that's for me? thank you. >> there'll be a meet and greet at della rosa's. . >> if you want to meet jamie, he'll be there friday night. if something's happening in your community, we'd love to know about it. e-mail us. e-mail jamie at uh, you can e-mail me or go to coming up next: a great
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story, his last lecture made such an impact in our memories and culture for years to come. coming up: we're hear how randy pausch's son is making sure his dad's legacy lasts even longer in the minds of congress. before starting up the grill for another meal, make sure you're prepared. if you're wondering about the newest, latest and greatest gadgets, we have your covered. make sure it's a good grilling experience. ♪ storyteller: hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle the cow jumped over the moon.
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we're getting the 4th of july coming. >> it seems like summer took forever to get here, it seems like it's been here forever. we've been grilling for a while now. we have a few ideas and a few things as we hit the mid point, 4th of july. spice up the grill a little bit. we've been eating the burgers, hot dogs, sausage, i brought a couple things to give you some other choices. >> let's start with the thing that we may never have seen before. these are circle kabobs. >> anybody can have the wooden secure kabob. if you're just eating it for a couple people, okay, but if you're entertaining and want to do something a little different, little nicer, the circle kabob has the same result, nice little touch on it, reuseable.
9:45 am
i cooked these on my grill last night, came out beautifully, no issues. little different. >> what's this now? >> that's a slider press. the latest craze. sliders on every menu in every restaurant. one of the biggest selling items we have at the store now, it makes the perfect slider. you know, when you go to, if you're making sliders and making them by hand, they're not always flat, not always round. they don't always stay together on the grill especially if you add mushrooms, grated cheese to them. makes it nice and firm. this will get you nine of them. comes right from there. goes into here. one flip, they're done. they come off, go on the roll and you've got dinner. no mess, no fuss, no falling through the cracks of your grill. >> what's this here? >> cedar plank, especially in
9:46 am
this area, everybody loves seafood. cedar planks, it's the perfect marriage for seafood. not so much for pork or for chicken, will make et, the meat bitter, uh, great recipes. soak the cedar plank for an hour before you put your seafood in, halobit the beauty of grilling, it's probably a 12-15 minute process. you want to plan. you want to have all your sides and everything ready. the last thing you're doing is putting your food on the grill. it's coming to come off quickly. >> this is for all the veggies, right? >> this is for veggies, nothing falls through. open up the top, put all your green peppers, yellow peppers, get some color, nothing falls out. don't have to try to pick things up with your tongs. it's a shaker basket. you're always moving everything around. it all cooks evenly. it's a simple way to be successful. >> even before we start the
9:47 am
grill up, we should clean it once in a while, right? >> yes, the secret to success isn't really a secret. we're talking about it. starting with a clean grill. start with a good brush and replace your brush every year. you like the brush you had, get a new one. they're 4 or $5. you might as well spend money on the brush. use a grill wipe, you can also use the pan coating. it does have a tendency to flair up on you. this won't, tear one off. push it with your brush across the grates. clean, hot grill, food alone stick. food sticks to a cold grill or a grill that's not clean. grill grates that aren't clean. >> have a paintbrush. >> the basting brush. this is silicone, so it's not going to, you don't have the pieces falling off of it. it's dishwasher safe. easy to clean and it's very useable and you may never need
9:48 am
another one once you bought this one. >> call him for your 4th of july party right now. he'll be at wegmans, stop him in the aisle. >> we have et recipe for i think it's a chicken kabob, online at now we want to go back to your two cents on today's hot topic. pending lawsuits for mcdonalds about happy meals. aim writes in: what was the last time your 6-year-old drove themselves to mcdonalds? alice writes in: i don't remember my son ever asking me to go mcdonalds just for the toy. the stuff people sue for is ridiculous. >> laura weighs in: no one is forcing me to take my kids to mcdonalds for food or toys. if you would like to weigh in on this, we'd love to know your two
9:49 am
cents. tell us, go to wmar facebook fan page and leave a comment. you may remember the name professor randy pausch. he stirred people to change their lives in the famous last lecture. today his son is fighting pancreatic cancer, the disease that took his dad. diane sawyer shows us how the son is walking in his dad's footsteps. >> so many people are dying of pancreatic cancer. if we keep studying, we might be able to change that. >> 8-year-old dillon pausch, his father's son, learning to take a cause to congress, with how you carry on for a dad who's brain and bravery were magic. >> if you had one last lecture to give before you died, what would it be? >> reporter: randy pausch's last lecture was seen by 10 million people. he challenged his students and
9:50 am
everyone else to be strong for their dreams. >> the brick walls are there for a reason. they're there to stop the other people. >> the father of three had just found out he had pancreatic cancer, months to live, his message why not really live? >> we cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand. >> reporter: and laugh. and let go of fear. >> anybody out there who is a parent. if your kids want to paint their bedroom, as a favor to me, let them do it. it'll be okay. don't worry about resale value on the house. >> where do you come up with all these great stories? in your head? are you using your imagination? >> reporter: in his final months, their dad would walk the halls of congress urging more and more creative funding for
9:51 am
pancreatic cancer research. >> i'm the human face on the disease. >> today, for the first time, dillon, with his mother jay, added his steps to his fathers, his voice to his father's voice. >> reporter: in his book, the last lecture, randy writes: my dreams for my kids are very exact, i want them to find their own path to fulfillment. >> the really strong motions for me are they won't have me forget them and that's where it's okay for me to say it's not fair. >> it's been two years since randy pausch died. >> it's wonderful to see we have power as an american to make a difference. it helps them say i can do something. i can't bring my dad back, but i can help other people.
9:52 am
>> what a story? >> yeah! all right uh, we'll take a break and be right back. stay with us. [ dennis ] when we first got fios,
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all right, 9:55. it's hot out there. we talked about that. let's look at how the clouds are rolling in. may help us out after a bright sunrise over mount airy. 5:40 this morning. high thin clouds mixing in across the sky. we had a little haze in downtown baltimore. i think that's an older image. i'll have to check that one, but overall, sunrise over glen oak. couple high clouds strolling in over the last hour or so. extra haze in the sky. we're looking at these numbers now. pushing deep into the 80s. edgewood 85. 87 chester town. glen burnie. mount airy, 84, factoring in the heat. feels like 92. we've got the 90s now from glen burnie to edgewood, annapolis, at least on what it feels like.
9:56 am
our heat index. the actual thermometer will probably reach 90 before the lunch hour. and then we aim for record territory this afternoon. officially 85, top of the hour in baltimore. going to get our latest update from bwi marshall. just a couple minutes after the hour. probably see how fast this thing is adjusting. one of the hottest readings in the region. you can just guess that when you step outside and you feel the air and perhaps even taste the added pollution. it's going to be a nasty one. you can see the high clouds spring into our north. these are off shoots of big storms to our west and will be passing through pennsylvania and new york state. we'll probably miss out on the bulk of the activity, but there could be stray storms into the afternoon and evening. tomorrow though, frontal boundary makes its dive through pennsylvania. reaches us afternoon and evening. cluster of strong or severe thunderstorms as that interacts with the hottest of the heat stretch tomorrow and knocking temperatures down friday towards the weekend. today we go for the record of 97
9:57 am
degrees. tonight we'll knock it back into the lower 70s with leftover muggy incase and maybe a stray thundershower. into tomorrow. brand new record at 99. we have not hit 100 since august of 2007. so, you know, if you want to go for that, support the cause, 91 though, we drop it down into the low 90s on friday. 90 on saturday and sunday back to 95. try to get out of the 90s by the middle of next week. >> 103 years? >> 97? >> surprising. >> mm-hmm, that is. >> we're due. >> don't forget we have the mayor in here tomorrow. if you have questions for mayor stephanie rawlings-blake, e-mail the station and we'll ask her on the air. >> that'll do it for us. rachael ray is next up at 10:00. have a great day, all right?
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